Gardner Denver launches dedicated CEP division

6th June 2012

Gardner Denver Australasia has recently introduced a dedicated CEP division to meet growing customer demand across a range of offshore and onshore applications for Custom Engineered Products.

CEP, a specialist division of Gardner Denver Australasia, has been established to meet growing demand for high quality custom engineered air and gas equipment.

David Laurenson has been appointed as the Director of the new dedicated CEP Australasia division. Having previously been responsible for the Asia Pacific CEP division, Laurenson brings extensive knowledge and expertise – as well as over twenty years of compressed air industry experience – to the role.

Laurenson said ‘We’ve been building Custom Engineered Products in the Asia Pacific for over 40 years for customers in the oil, gas, petrochemical, industrial, mining, food, beverage, environmental, medical, electronics, waste and water treatment industry sectors to name but a few.

Where our customers require high quality compressed air in a range of demanding applications the CEP division has the resources and expertise to deliver the most complex turnkey packages with the backing of decades of application and engineering experience.

‘We have a dedicated CEP facility equipped to the highest standard and a team of specialist project engineers, project managers, procurement staff and design engineers. This means that we can offer our customers a complete package, from initial project specification to installation, right through to providing essential advice and technical support throughout the service life of their equipment.

With one point of order, service and most importantly communication backed up with nationwide sales, service and support staff trained to the highest standard, we are always at hand to support our CEP customers in maximising the life and performance of their investment.’

The Gardner Denver Australasia CEP division can design, build and deliver custom engineered products for a diverse range of demanding conditions and applications. For more information phone 03 9212 5800.

Gardner Denver at Glasstech Asia 2012

17th May 2012

Gardner Denver will exhibit an extensive range of compressor solutions ideal for the glass industry at the Glasstech Asia 2012 exhibition. This includes the innovative and energy efficient Quantima oil free centrifugal compressor range and the high performance Wittig rotary vane compressor range.

Gardner Denver will be exhibiting the recently launched innovative oil free Quantima Q70-L centrifugal compressor. With a minimum working pressure of just 3 bar(g) and being completely oil free, the Quantima Q70-L is ideal for low pressure bottle forming applications within the glass industry.

The Quantima compressor range can realise outstanding efficiencies and energy savings. With no gearbox and no contact parts there is no performance degradation over the life of the Quantima unlike standard screw technologies.

Variable speed technology matches output to exact requirements minimising off-load running. In addition, the lowest off-load power consumption can be achieved at just 2.5% of full load power. Energy savings of up to 25% and more are easily achievable creating a positive impact on the customer’s bottom line as well as reducing their environmental footprint.

Gardner Denver will also exhibit the Wittig range of rotary vane compressors, a brand that has been synonymous with superior compressor quality and high efficiency for over 120 years.

The high performance Wittig vacuum pumps and compressors are ideal for the glass manufacturing industry and can be used either as stand-alone units or packaged in pump stands (vacuum pumps only).

High quality and highly reliability ensures 24/24 operation. Low maintenance and a long service life are additional benefits that can be achieved when opting for a Wittig vacuum pump or compressor.

To learn more visit the Gardner Denver Stand No. H26-27 at Glasstech Asia 2012, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Bangkok from 18-20th July 2012.

Upgrading a centrifugal air compressor control system is a breeze with advanced technology from Gardner Denver

3rd May 2012

John Pitts, Centrifugal Products Manager at Gardner Denver discusses how simple it has become to update an ageing centrifugal compressor control system with sophisticated and fully customer accessible technology.

‘Specifically designed to meet the requirements of centrifugal air compressors, the Air Relief’s TurboLogix from Gardner Denver is an advanced and sophisticated compressor control system for the monitoring, protection and control of centrifugal air compressors. Unlike most controllers on the market place, TurboLogix is ideal whether you are looking to replace and update an existing controller or specifying a controller for a new centrifugal compressed air system.

‘In fact, improving an outdated compressor control system has never been so easy. Compatible with a wide range of centrifugal compressor makes and models, the TurboLogix centrifugal compressor controller can be easily retrofitted without disturbing devices in existing control panels. This means that any combination of centrifugal compressors can be controlled and optimised with TurboLogix.

TurboLogix is capable of handling any number of compressor stages, turbine or motor drives and any pressure range on the market today, making it the most flexible centrifugal compressor control system available. Additionally, it has been developed using a non-proprietary system ensuring parts do not become obsolete extending the useful life of the controller.

Expensive engineer’s visits to make updates or modifications to the system can also be eliminated. Developed with Allen Bradley components and software, TurboLogix is fully accessible to the customer.

‘Once installed, superior energy savings can be created and costly repair and downtime prevented. Advanced algorithms and lightning fast electronics enable the centrifugal compressor controlled by the TurboLogix to compensate for changing conditions.

Multiple compressors can be connected together for load sharing and load balancing. The sophisticated TurboLogix will intuitively select the best compressor or combination of compressors to run at any one time to ensure optimised pressure and flow control.

Tighter pressure and temperature control diminish the risk of surges leading to high compressor efficiency reducing the associated energy costs.

‘Compressed air system performance can be monitored and analysed on a continual basis. TurboLogix has a built-in history which can store up to 12 months of data. This data can be interrogated by a number of parameters allowing for full data trending. As an ethernet based system, data can additionally be downloaded and accessed anywhere and at any time via a modem or PC.

‘The high performance TurboLogix industrial grade controllers also include as standard; a large high resolution colour 10.5” touch screen, ethernet control interface for remote access, 16 4-20ma analog output channels and 16 120 VAC digital input and output channels.

‘Updating an ageing centrifugal compressor control system with such advanced technology has never been so easy and accessible to the customer before. Optimised system performance and reduced energy costs will additionally ensure a rapid payback period on the new equipment.’

UON powers up with Gardner Denver

20th April 2012

Allied Air Products and Services Pty Ltd – the Australian national master distributor for Gardner Denver Industrial Products based in Victoria – has just announced a new alliance with UON to supply the Gardner Denver Compressor product range throughout Western Australia.

UON is an experienced company that has been providing a total solution for the supply, management and control of site power and water to industry since 1998. As Mark Keogh, Managing Director of UON explains ‘We offer our clients a totally integrated service and deliver turnkey solutions that are built to work, and keep on working. We design, build, install, commission and then service every installation. We have primarily been focussed on the provision of power and water however compressed air is also a key utility on these sites. Our new alliance with Allied Air Products and Services means we can now offer our customers a complete solution looking after all of their site power, air and water requirements.

‘Our promise is written in our name, we will keep you on, we will keep you operational. With our clients operating in some of the most harsh and physically demanding locations this requires quality and reliable products. Gardner Denver industrial products provided the perfect fit in meeting these requirements.’

Gardner Denver designs, manufactures and markets highly engineered reciprocating, screw, centrifugal and vane compressors for industrial, manufacturing, processing, engineering and transportation applications.

Extensive engineering expertise, coupled with worldwide manufacturing and service capabilities, ensure the most reliable, energy efficient products in the industry with the lowest life-cycle cost.

Commenting on the new alliance, Raymond Han, Managing Director of Allied Air Products and Services said ‘Offering our customers quality products is of paramount importance to us. Providing a quality service is equally important. We support our customers from the outset in selecting the correct compressor for their application, through to installation and on-going system optimisation. Our new alliance with UON will enable us to do exactly that in Western Australia.

We look forward to working with UON, serving the oil and gas industry amongst others, in Western Australia.’

For more information visit or phone 03 9801 9949.

Gardner Denver launches high efficiency centrifugal turbo blower at Ozwater 2012

12th April 2012

Gardner Denver will be launching an energy efficient and cost effective new range of centrifugal turbo blowers at the Ozwater 2012 exhibition.

The new high speed range of single stage centrifugal blowers from Gardner Denver represent an energy efficient, environmentally friendly and low maintenance blower solution ideal for waste water treatment plants.

These high efficiency centrifugal turbo blowers are fitted with a variable speed drive as standard for optimised system efficiency. Using frequency inverter technology ensures that the turbo blower only produces the actual compressed air required at any given time. Precisely meeting compressed air demand reduces the energy consumed and wear to the motor, optimising energy usage and enhancing the lifetime of the blower.

The energy savings that can be created with the new range of Gardner Denver centrifugal turbo blowers ensures a short payback period on initial investment.

With sound emissions as low as 75dBA, creating almost no vibrations and running oil-free, these turbo blowers are also the environmental option.

Low cost of ownership is guaranteed. The new range of centrifugal turbo blowers are virtually maintenance free with no wearing parts. Only the filter mats require periodic replacement.

An integrated soft starter comes as standard for convenient installation and ease of use. Available with a motor rating from 11 to 250 kW, minimum working pressure 0.3 bar(g) and free air delivery 200 m3/min.

To learn more about the new blower range visit the Gardner Denver Stand No. 4N10 at Ozwater 2012, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from 8-10th May 2012. Alternatively phone 03 9212 5800.


CompAir Release NEW SmartAir Lite

18th April 2011

The new SmartAir Lite, Compressed Air Intelligent controller is now officially launched and ready to order. It is designed to help customers achieve the highest levels of efficiency and system management.

The SmartAir Lite is an addition to the more sophisticated SmartAir master, and is designed to intelligently control up to 4 fixed speed compressors, reducing power consumption and improving the overall compressor system efficiency. It achieves this by tightening the pressure band to the lowest operating point as well as optimising and managing compressor selection and control.

The SmartAir Lite can be installed to any CompAir supported compressor, with minimum effort. Pre-programmed application software allows automatic connection without the need for any additional components. Installation diagrams for all CompAir supported machines are available within the installation manual.