Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors
Monoblock Design

The L series liquid ring vacuum pumps from Elmo Rietschle have been designed to deliver the utmost reliability and efficiency in even extreme conditions.

The type of extreme conditions which prevail in humid and wet processes can lead to lime scale or abrasion which can cause a considerable reduction in the performance of a pump. Elmo Rietschle has a comprehensive range of liquid ring vacuum pumps that have been designed to meet these challenges.

The L series liquid ring pumps are built using the highest quality materials to ensure the utmost reliability and constant operating characteristics for years to come. This includes a unique ceramic internal coating on the pump housings, which ensures that the pumps will not calcify due to fluid deposits. The result – years of optimal performance at low maintenance costs.
In addition, the pumps have stainless steel shafts which makes them corrosion resistant and allows these liquid ring vacuum pumps to work safely and reliably even in extreme conditions like those found in humid processes.

There are numerous industries that count on the L series – day in and day out – to deliver a reliable, efficient and economic pump solution. This includes the ceramic and brick, food and beverage, medical, packaging and plastics industries to name only a few.

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Monoblock Design
L-BV3 Series 10 – 11 m3/hr


Monoblock Design
L-BV7 / 2 Series 7 – 145 m3/hr


Monoblock Design
L-BV5 VELOCIS 90 – 600 m3/hr