Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Packages
L-BL2 Series

Elmo Rietschle has a number of liquid ring vacuum pump packages to meet numerous requirements.

For a compact and portable unit option Elmo Rietschle presents the ‘Pump in a Box’. These L-BL2 series liquid ring vacuum pump packages present a neat ‘plug and play’ solution which include an L-BV liquid ring pump, industrial electric motor, discharge separator, seal water cooler and discharge air cooler.

The frame mounted units combine the L-BL2 liquid rings pumps and G-BH1 side channel blowers (or vacuum pumps using another operating principle). With these liquid ring vacuum pump packages, the blower can operate either at a fixed rotational speed or a variable speed using a frequency converter. This increases the pump’s performance many times over in the 40 to 150 mbar range.

Where applications involve aggressive suction materials, such as in the food and beverage sector, the L-BL2 series liquid ring vacuum pump packages are available in a split design. The L-BL2 pumps are first split into individual components. Then tubing, valves and other accessories are added before the different parts are eventually re-assembled and mounted on a steel plate.

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“Pump in a Box”
27 – 1,200 m3/hr


Frame Mounted Units
27 – 1,200 m3/hr


Split Design
27 – 1,200 m3/hr