RVS Series
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Capacity Up to 4,200 m3/hr

Robushi, RVS Series, Liquid Ring Vacuum PumpsThe RVS series liquid ring vacuum pumps from Robuschi are single stage block model machines suitable for the compression of gas and vapours. They are equipped for isothermal compression of gases and can reach high vacuum levels thanks to the special liquid ring system.

Typical applications for the RVS series liquid ring vacuum pumps include; dying, sterilization, degassing and plastic extrusion in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, textile and paper industries to name only a few.

Key Benefits

  • Multi purpose
    Able to pump gases and vapours, the RVS series liquid ring vacuum pumps can be used in a number of applications.
  • Virtually maintenance free
    The RVS series liquid ring vacuum pumps require only minimum maintenance for a virtually maintenance free pump solution.
  • Low noise level
    Vibration and noise levels have been reduced with these liquid ring pumps.

Technical Specification

Aspiration pressure Up to an absolute 33 mbars
Capacity Up to 4,200 m3/h

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