Radial Blowers
Single Stage and Multi Stage Radial Blowers

Elmo Rietschle offers a wide range of single stage and multi stage radial blowers for vacuum and pressure operation.

For single stage requirements the F-RER and F-REL series provide the ideal solution. Available in a wide variety of sizes, these radial blowers can be used for both suction and pressure in many industrial processes where high volume flow at small differential pressures are required.

Where a multi stage radial blower is needed, Elmo Rietschle offers the F-CEV series. These radial blowers are available for suction and pressure mode and cover a wide array of industrial applications. This range also includes models which come with a dust collection or plastic/paper trimmings collection canister.

There are numerous industrial applications where the Elmo Rietschle F series single stage and multi stage radial blowers provide reliable, economic and quiet vacuum and pressure. Examples include; waste water treatment, aeration, drying and extraction of dust, film, foil or plastic pieces in the packaging, print, wood working and environmental engineering industries to name only a few.

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Single Stage Radial Blowers
F-RER / F-REL Series
4.9 – 57 m3/min


Multi Stage Radial Blowers
F-CEV Series
2.2 – 9.3 m3/min