F-RER / F-REL Series
Single Stage Radial Blowers

Volume Flow 4.9 – 57 m3/min

radial-blowerThe Elmo Rietschle F-RER and F-REL series single stage radial blowers can be used for both vacuum and pressure operation with capacities ranging from 4.9 to 57 m3/min, vacuum up to 95.5 mbar and pressure up to 99.5 mbar.

These single stage radial blowers are used in many industrial processes where high volume flow at small differential pressures are required such as in wastewater treatment, drying, extraction systems and aeration.

The F-RER and F-REL single stage radial blowers come in a wide variety of sizes and variable frequency drives are available.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum installation flexibility
    When it comes to installing these single stage radial blowers, any position is possible – left or right, vertical or horizontal. The F-RER blowers are right turning, whilst the F-REL are left turning. This ensures maximum flexibility especially in cases where space is at a premium (for example in central air cabinets).
  • Quiet in operation
    The F-RER and F-REL series have a solid light weight construction that is vibration free for quiet running.
  • Low maintenance
    The bearings are greased for life and need no servicing reducing the maintenance requirement on these single stage radial blowers.
  • Highest quality
    The Elmo Rietschle single stage radial blowers are made from the highest quality materials including cast aluminum housings and impellors.


Technical Specification

Elmo Rietschle Radial Blowers


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