Rotary Lobe Vacuum Pumps, Blowers & Compressors

Gardner Denver, Elmo Rietschle and Robuschi are three brands renowned for manufacturing high quality and reliable rotary lobe vacuum pumps and compressors.

The Gardner Denver range of rotary lobe blowers have a strong history of more than 75 years, and consist of USA legendary industrial names, such as Sutorbilt, Triflow, Duroflow, Heliflow, and Cyclo. Capacities through this group of blowers range from 50 to 42,475 m3/h. Pressures range from -80kPa (wet vacuum) to +138kPa.

The R series from Elmo Rietschle are robust and economical. Developed utilising a modular design, these rotary lobe vacuum pumps and compressors are available as single aggregate or as individually engineered pump sets, with our without a variable speed drive. There are triple or twin lobe models with capacities from 20 to 7,964 m3/hr. The compressors have a pressure range from -50kPa to +100kPa and, the vacuum pumps have a pressure range down to 0.001 mbar (in combination with 0.5 mbar rotary vane pump).

The rotary lobe blower range from Robuschi have capacities from 300 to 25,000 m3/h and include vacuum and pressure-vacuum operation models as well as stationary and mobile units. Over 70 years of experience and know-how combined with the most advanced technological innovations goes into the development of every product. Pressures range from -90kPa to +100kPa.

All of these rotary lobe vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors are present in a diverse range of industries from; the automotive, mechanical, electrical and optical to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, nuclear and aerospace industries to name only a few.

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