Rotary Lobe Vacuum Pumps & Compressors
Elmo Rietschle

From triple lobe to twin lobe, Elmo Rietschle manufactures a wide selection of rotary lobe vacuum pumps, compressors and pump stands.

The triple lobe rotary blowers have volume flow capacities from 22 to 8,580 m3/hrs. These dry running positive displacement vacuum pumps and compressors are robust and economical. They are factory customised to meet the varying demands of each customer’s application and come as either basic or compact units and with or without frequency control. There is also an option to have an acoustic enclosure on the compact units.

The twin lobe contact free operating rotary lobe vacuum pumps have capacities ranging from 485 to 2,752 m3/hr. Two symmetrically shaped rotors rotate against each other, synchronised by a pair of gear wheels. Able to tolerate water vapours and most corrosive gases, these rotary lobe vacuum pumps are primarily used for producing coarse and fine vacuum.

When both high end vacuum and suction capacity is required, the Elmo Rietschle rotary lobe vacuum pump stands provide the solution. These pump sets comprise of oil lubricated rotary vanes or screws (which act as backing pumps) in combination with rotary lobe vacuum pumps (which act as booster pumps) and have flow capacities from 430 to 3,960 m3/hr.

From the chemical and pharmaceuticals to the electronics and environmental engineering sectors, the Elmo Rietschle range of rotary lobe blowers can be found in numerous industrial applications. This includes; central vacuum systems, aeration, drying, dust extraction and process engineering.

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