HeliFlow Series
Positive Displacement Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

Airflow Range to 5,400 m3/h

Gardner Denver, Heliflow Series, Positive Displacement Blowers & Vacuum PumpsThe HeliFlow series provide an innovative low noise solution for positive displacement blowers and vacuum pump applications. They are available in 4 models with airflow to 5,400 m3/h.

Numerous industries depend upon the HeliFlow series to deliver clean, oil-free air to a wide range of applications. This includes the cement, chemical, dairy, environmental, pulp & paper and wastewater industries to name only a few.

Superior and consistent quality can be found in all HeliFlow series positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps thanks to; continual investment in the training of world-class manufacturing personnel, advanced flexible machining systems and quality inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Key Benefits

  • Innovative
    The HeliFlow series encompass a number of innovative features such as the solid, helical tri-lobe rotors. These eliminate the potential for unbalanced rotors caused by build-up of ingested material inside the impellers.
  • Reliable
    The HeliFlow smooth pulse operation extends the life of bearings and downstream instrumentation, while large diameter shafts provide superior overhung load capacity. In addition dual splash lubrication provides longer life and reduced service intervals for a highly reliable positive displacement blower and vacuum pump solution.
  • Quiet in operation
    These positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps are quiet in operation thanks to solid helical tri-lobe rotors engineered for lower pulsations and lower noise.

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