CRBS – GRBS Series
Pressure Vacuum Table Top Blower Packages

Capacities 2,500 to 25,000 m3/h

Robuschi, CRBS - GRBS Series, Pressure Vacuum Table Top Blower PackagesThe CRBS – GRBS series pressure vacuum table top blower packages from Robuschi have capacities from 2,500 to 25,000 m3/h. The units can be used for capacities higher than 900 m3/h and for fitted powers over 250 kW.

These compression units are for low pressure gas conveying. They are based on the RBS series 3 lobe positive displacement rotary blower and are run by an electric motor through a special belt drive with the GRBS models, or directly coupled by means of coupling joint with or without reduction gear with the CRBS models.

All of these pressure vacuum table top blower packages are provided with the necessary accessories for a reliable, safe and silent operation.

ATEX versions are available on request.

Key Benefits

  • Includes the innovative RBS series blower
    The innovative RBS series blowers feature 3 special profile lobes. Combined with the patented LOW PULSE system they reduce the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas below 2% of the operating pressure.
  • Silent operation
    The CRBS and GRBS series models are silent in operation thanks to a number of features including discharge silencer and inlet silencer.

Technical Specification

Robuschi RBS Series Technical Specifications

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