RB – DV Series
Rotary Lobe Vacuum Blowers

Nominal Capacities 840 to 10,500 m3/h

Robuschi, RB-DV Series, Rotary Lobe Vacuum BlowersThe RB-DV series air injection rotary lobe vacuum blowers have nominal capacities from 840 to 10,500 m3/h with suction pressure up to 100 mbar (abs.). They can handle both gases and vapours.

These rotary lobe vacuum blowers can operate at high vacuum levels thanks to the inclusion of a patented atmospheric air injection device. This allows these three lobe positive displacement blowers to operate at maximum vacuum without overheating.

Typical applications includes; central vacuum systems in for example the packaging industry, pneumatic conveying in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and de-aeration plants commonly found in plastic extrusion and brick production.

ATEX versions of the RB-DV series are available on request.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding performance
    These rotary lobe vacuum blowers feature heavy duty rotor and shaft assemblies which allow operation at higher rpms. This provides outstanding performance.
  • Minimum maintenance
    No sliding parts means no wear! As a result the RB-DV series rotary lobe vacuum blowers require only minimum maintenance.

Technical Specification

Robuschi Technical Specifications Vacuum Operation

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