V-DTN Series
Dry Running Rotary Vane Compressors

Capacities 17 – 52 m3/hr

Elmo Rietschle, V-DTN Series, Dry Running Rotary Vane CompressorsThe proven V-DTN series dry running rotary vane compressors have undergone a complete redesign. The housing is now made of a one-piece plastic element that is extremely stable and offers improved noise reduction. In addition, the interaction between the machine’s different components has been optimised for a longer vane life.

The V-DTN series have capacities from 17 to 52 m3/h and overpressure up to 1 bar.

These innovative and robust dry running rotary vane compressors with flexible connections will find a place virtually anywhere. Typically they are used in a large variety of applications with dry, non-aggressive gases for example, within the printing industry and vacuum packaging industry.

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly
    As dry running rotary vane compressors, no oil and no water comes into contact with the process vapours. The V-DTN series therefore presents an environmentally friendly solution.
  • Low life cycle costs
    Low energy consumption, low maintenance requirements and a long vane life ensure low life cycle costs for the customer.
  • Quiet in operation
    The noise level of the redesigned V-DTN dry running rotary vane compressors has been reduced by 3 dB(A) for a very quiet operation.

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