Screw Vacuum Pumps

Elmo Rietschle screw vacuum pumps can be found in numerous industries and applications – wherever clean oil free vacuum is required. They are able to achieve an ultimate vacuum of 0.05 mbar (abs.) and can operate at any pressure between end vacuum and atmospheric pressure.

The dry and contact free operation of the Elmo Rietschle S series screw vacuum pumps requires no lubrication in the pumping chamber. As a result there is no process contamination and no pollution is caused by the pump operation.

All of the S series screw vacuum pumps are built utilising a rugged and durable design featuring high vapour and liquid tolerance. A low rotational speed ensures low noise and low vibration operation for a quiet solution. They are easy to service and boast a long service life.

Where very high suction capacities are required, these screw vacuum pumps can be combined with a vacuum booster in a customised system.

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Screw Vacuum Pumps
S-VSA Series
60 – 1,140 m3/hr


Screw Vacuum Pumps
S-VSB Series
60 – 600 m3/hr


Screw Vacuum Pumps
S-VSI Series
80 – 360 m3/hr