Side Channel Blowers

Volume Flow 330 – 850 m3/hr

Elmo Rietschle, Side Channel BlowersThe revolutionary G-BH2 VELOCIS series side channel blowers deliver volume flow up to 850 m3/hr and a differential pressure of up to 1,100 mbar.

For optimal efficiency the G-BH2 VELOCIS side channel blowers are fitted with EFF 1 quality motors. These high efficiency blowers are also extremely quiet in operation, pulsation free, dust and lint resistant and deliver unrivalled reliability and robustness.

With a significantly expanded performance range, the G-BH2 VELOCIS side channel blowers can be used in completely new fields of applications that were previously inconceivable. Whether it is pneumatically conveying bulk material, aerating waste water or industrial baths, clamping or handling work pieces of any type or compressing industrial waste – the Elmo Rietschle G-BH2 VELOCIS side channel blowers may be just the solution you are looking for.

Key Benefits

  • A revolution in side channel technology
    A completely new concept, the G-BH2 VELOCIS side channel blowers offer the highest blower efficiency, optimal motor efficiency and unrivalled reliability and robustness.
  • Virtually maintenance free
    The G-BH2 VELOCIS side channel blowers deliver 40,000 operating hours without fail and are virtually maintenance free.
  • Extremely quiet in operation
    Thanks to sound engineering these side channel blowers emit only very low noise levels.


Technical Specification

Elmo Rietschle G-BH2 VELOCIS Technical Specifications


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