G-BH8 Series
Side Channel Blowers

Volume Flow up to 950 m3/h

Elmo Rietschle, Side Channel BlowersSide channel blowers can typically be found inside larger machines or installations. The available space is limited. To address this issue Elmo Rietschle developed the G-BH8. These side channel blowers weigh 65% less and need 40% less space than a standard blower of similar output.

The G-BH8 side channel blowers deliver maximum performance with a minimum space requirement. They are virtually maintenance free with volumetric flow
up to 950 m³/h 
and differential pressure up to 550 mbar.

High pump efficiency ensures low energy consumption whilst a flexible speed drive ensures that only the precise amount of power is consumed for maximum energy efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Economical solution
    The G-BH8 side channel blowers are extremely economical in every way. Costs can be cut with this range from; shipping (low weight), packaging (smaller) to electrical installation (smaller cross sections and smaller circuit protection devices) and electrical energy (high efficiency and good controllability).
  • Maximum installation flexibility
    For maximum installation flexibility, the housing components can be rotated in 45o increments without manifolds and silencers or in 90o increments with manifolds and silencers.
  • Compact design
    These side channel blowers are about half the size (installed volume) and nearly 60% lighter than a comparable standard machine with the same performance characteristics.
  • Quiet in operation
    Thanks to modern sound engineering the G-BH8 side channel blowers emit very low noise levels making them quiet in operation.


Technical Specification

Elmo Rietschle G-BH8 Side Channel Blowers Technical Specifications
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