Gardner Denver, Custom Engineered SolutionsCustom Engineered Solutions
Tailored Compressor, Vacuum & Blower Packages

Some applications require complex and custom engineered solutions. Gardner Denver has the experience, know-how, skilled personnel and fully equipped workshops to develop and deliver high quality, engineered and packaged solutions. Whether it is modifications to the standard product range or complete solutions designed and fabricated from the ground up, Gardner Denver can satisfy the most demanding customer specifications.

In close collaboration with the Customer, the experienced engineers at Gardner Denver can design and build complete bespoke solutions, taking into consideration those factors key to each project such as; energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, up-times, environmental compatibility and operating costs.

From environmental engineering to the printing and paper, plastics, glass, woodworking, medical, food and non-food packaging and process industries, Gardner Denver has the experience and know-how to develop and build custom engineered solutions to meet each customer’s precise industry and application requirements.

Key Benefits

  • A broad range of electrical and mechanical modifications
  • Hazardous area applications
  • Provision of complete skid packages
  • Customer specific control and communication solutions
  • Solutions to meet specific industry design standards
  • Customer site turnkey solutions incorporating professional and quality assured project management

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